Metabolic Duo Sessions – Most Recent First!

SEPT 7th Met Duo – with Dr. Ben Bocchicchio on Best Exercise Strategies
AUG 24th Met Duo – The EasyWay to Health and Weightloss Special – plus QandA
AUG 10th – ApoB, Vascular Disease and Your Arteries!
Healthy Versus Unhealthy Obesity, CAC Progression, Cholesterol 101 including the units and the ratios, and more
A General Session on selected Subscriber Questions
JUNE 29th – Gut Science PART 3 of 3
June 15th – CAC Special Session
JUNE 1st – Gut Science PART 2 of 3
MAY 18th – “Subscribers Q and A Special”
MAY 4th Metabolic Duo Session – Gut Food Sensing Part 1 of 3 – plus Q&A